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Respondus Software

If you are web-enhancing your course or building a hybrid, Respondus can take tests created in Word and upload them to Blackboard. You can explore this product at If interested, contact Sophia for additional details:

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CITT Interact

Very interesting concept! I like it. I just wish that the "do you want to view only material delivered securely" screen wouldn't appear so often, but maybe that's not possible to manage. Also, I wonder how many faculty will see "Net ID" and think it's their Blackboard log-in. I'm not on Blackboard, so I don't that log-in different from the log-in we use to get to our Outlook, network profile, etc.? -Alicia

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    RE: CITT Interact

I am glad you like it. The pop-up security question is a broswer issue for IE. And NetID is our regular network login, which is also used for Blackboard.

Laurie Saylor  
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Instructor's Digital Toolkit

See recommended programs for a variety of tasks.

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    RE: Instructor's Digital Toolkit

Cool site! (also gives me a chance to try out the "reply" feature, now that I've posted my own message). --Alicia

Alicia Ellison  
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Take a Screenshot

You can create a screen capture without Snag-it by following these steps: Step 1: Open MS Word Step 2: Minimize the Word Window Step 3: Have the window to capture in view Step 4: Press the PRTSCN key on your keyboard Step 5: Maximize the Word window Step 6: Click within the document window Step 7: Right-click the mouse Step 8: Select Paste on the shortcut menu Step 9: Save the file using the file name specified in the Module instructions

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