Basic tasks in Powerpoint Web App

With PowerPoint Web App you use your web browser to create, view, and edit the personal presentations that you store on SkyDrive. If your organization or college has an Office 365 plan or SharePoint site, start using PowerPoint Web App by creating or storing presentations in libraries on your site

Share presentations online

Because your presentation is online, you can share it by sending a link instead of an email attachment. People can view it in their web browser or mobile device.

Click File > Share > Share with People.

Share command in PowerPoint Web App

Edit a presentation in the browser

Go to Edit Document > Edit in PowerPoint Web App to edit your presentation in a web browser.

Add new slides, switch to a different theme, and apply a few basic animation and transition effects. You can also insert and format pictures, shapes, and SmartArt. For more advanced editing click Open in PowerPoint.

Editing view in PowerPoint Web App

PowerPoint Web App saves your changes automatically. Unlike the PowerPoint program installed on your computer, there’s no Save command. If you change your mind about something, use Undo or press Ctrl+Z.

Work together on the same presentation

PowerPoint Web App shows you who is currently editing a presentation. For best results, have everyone work in the web app or have everyone work in the PowerPoint desktop application (PowerPoint 2010 or later, or PowerPoint for Mac 2011).

As people edit the presentation, you see their changes in PowerPoint Web App.

Multiple authors editing in PowerPoint Web App

Comment on a slide

When you’re editing a slide, go to Insert > Comments to make a comment or reply. You can move the comment balloon so that it’s next to whatever you’re commenting about.

Threaded comment in PowerPoint Web App

Present a slide show from the browser

With PowerPoint Web App you can run your presentation with just a web browser and an Internet connection. Click Start Slide Show to play the slide show full-screen.

Start Slide Show command

Print in PowerPoint Web App

Go to File > Print. PowerPoint Web App sends your presentation to a PDF reader, where all the layout and formatting of your slides will print the way you expect.

Print command in PowerPoint Web App


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