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  • If you are moving away from the computer, always remember to LOG OFF or LOCK (Windows key + L).
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  • If you are moving away from the computer, always remember to LOG OFF or LOCK (Windows key + L).
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MyHCC (Canvas) for Staff Members Assisting Students


This page contains information regarding HCC's switch from Blackboard Learn to the Canvas LMS.  This page will be updated as information becomes available.

HCC’s learning management system is branded as MyHCC. Through the end of the summer semester, clicking on MyHCC will take users to Blackboard. After the summer semester ends, the MyHCC link will take users to Canvas. 

How to Navigate to MyHCC (Canvas)

HCC has moved to Canvas, a learning management system.

Students can use one of the following three methods to navigate to MyHCC (Canvas):

  1. Go to the Canvas website https://hcc.instructure.com.

  2. Beginning in Fall 2015 term (August 17, 2015) students can go to the HCC website www.hccfl.edu, and then click MyHCC located on the top right corner.

    MyHCC 1
    If the students are off HCC campus (out of the HCC network), the login screen looks like this


    If the students are located on a HCC campus and using a computer connected to the HCC network, the login screen will look like the one below. If they are logged in the HCC network and using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, this authentication will not be required.


  3. Follow the directions located on:
  • the class description, under meeting information, when the students search for a class or finish their online registration,
  • the email sent by the instructor.



Only staff who are teaching an HCC course or students who are register for HCC course will have access to MyHCC (Canvas).



How to log into MyHCC (Canvas)

Once the students are accepted by HCC, they receive an email with very important information including the  Student ID, Hawkmail address, and information to create their password.

Click here for the acceptance sample email


To log into MyHCC (Canvas) students must:

  1. Enter the full Hawkmail address into the user name box. The Hawkmail address is the NetID username followed by @hawkmail.hccfl.edu (e.g., jsmith123@hawkmail.hccfl.edu).
  2. Enter the NetID password into the password box.


 To learn about NetID and how to create your NetID password, click the following link:

NetID web page



Getting to know the MyHCC (Canvas) interface.


  • The Global Navigation Menu is the menu next to the MyHCC (Canvas) logo, at the top-left of any page within MyHCC (Canvas). It provides links to courses, grades, calendar, and Hawkmail.
  • The Course Dashboard will be the first page students land on within a MyHCC (Canvas) course. On this page, they will find areas for items such as course content and course navigation links.
  • MyHCC (Canvas) offers Course Navigation Indicators. This allows students to know when they have new grades posted without having to access the gradebook.
  • The Course Activity Stream allows students to view recent activity within a course. If the instructor has included it, this feature may be present on their course home page when they enter the course; otherwise, it can be accessed through the View Course Stream button in the sidebar to the right of the page.



Keeping Students Informed (Notifications)

Canvas includes some social media and text options:

  • By default, all MyHCC (Canvas) notifications are sent to the students Hawkmail e-mail address. The default notification setting cannot be changed or deleted.
  • In addition to the Hawkmail account, students can choose to receive course notifications through:
    1. an additional e-mail account,
    2. text messages,
    3. social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn.


Click on the tutorials listed below, for information on how to manage notifications.

Click here for the Canvas Notifications Video Guide

Click here for the Canvas Notifications Guide



Where do students submit their assignments? How can they see their grades? How do they take a Quiz or Test?


  • In a course site, students check the Modules or Pages link to find their assignments, course files, readings, etc. (Note: Depending upon your instructor’s course settings, you may also have direct access to the Assignments link in the left navigation pane).
  • If an instructor has created assignments in MyHCC (Canvas), students may be able to submit them online. Open the assignment, and look for the Submit Assignment link at the top of the panel on the right side of the page.
  • Students can view grades for all of their courses on the Grades link at the top of any MyHCC (Canvas) page. There’s also a Grades link in each course site’s navigation menu.
  • Students can enter What-if grades for ungraded assignments to see what the impact may be on their total course grade. Just click in the empty grade field and enter a score; it won’t save an actual assignment grade, and their instructor won’t see it.
  • Quizzes can be viewed in MyHCC (Canvas) either through the Quizzes link in the Course Navigation or, if an instructor has hidden this link, through a link in a Module or on a Page.
  • To take a quiz, students click on the link for the quiz that they need to take, and they will be redirected to a page that contains information for that quiz (e.g. due date, points, instructions) and a blue Take the Quiz button.
  • Once students have completed a quiz, they can submit the quiz by clicking on the Submit Quiz button.
  • If an instructor allows students to retake quizzes, when the students click on a quiz link for a quiz that they have already submitted, they will see a Take the Quiz Again button.



How can students get help if they have questions?

  • All MyHCC (Canvas) users can get technical support 24 x 7 x 365. Click the Help link in the upper right corner of any MyHCC (Canvas) screen. Students will see options for online instructions, and live support via phone, Web form, and chat.


More Resources



Canvas for Student Services and Lab Technicians Video

Video recorded at the August 2015 Canvas Training Event

This video will help Student Services staff and Lab Technicians learn how to provide support to both teachers and students as they use Canvas. Canvas is covered from both student and teacher perspectives, including common use problems for each.


Click here to watch the Canvas for Student Services and Lab Techs Video