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Posted on Jun 24, 2014 by in Job Perf / Prof Dev |

Pathway to Career Advancement: Finding My Place!

The College recognizes the importance of providing staff with tools for success. The following resources were compiled primarily to better equip internal candidates applying for positions within HCC.

The 2011-2012 Excellence through Leadership (EXCEL) Program has developed an online module for your benefit.  This module provides the results of the HR analysis followed by a self assessment. There are five module chapters: Needs Assessment, Before Applying, Once I Decide to Apply, Marketing Yourself: Are You Ready? and Career Resources at HCC.


Career Pathway Training Module

Click here for the training module



Summer Leadership Certificate Series

The Leadership series will help you learn how to face the challenges that leaders and supervisors encounter every day. It will take place on Friday mornings from July 11 to August 15.


Click here for the flyer with additional information


Lundbergisms Audio Books

Have you ever heard something that really clicks for you? Do you like catchy phrases that make people think beyond the expression? Are there sayings out there that are small in word count, yet big in impact for you?

A Lundbergism is all that...and more! These simple considerations from the author are thought-provoking, (sometimes) humorous, and meant to get you thinking a little bit differently than before.

Imagine having some additional quotations, inspiration and ideas to ponder for fun and growth that add to conversations, presentations, and your overall outlook!


Click the following links to open the audiobooks

Click here for the Lundbergisms Audio Book

Click here for the More Lundbergisms Audio Book