Basic tasks in OneNote Web App

With OneNote Web App you use your web browser to create, view, and edit the personal notebooks that you store on SkyDrive. If your organization or college has an Office 365 plan or SharePoint site, start using OneNote Web App by creating or sharing notebooks in libraries on your site

Create a notebook

Sign in to SkyDrive or your team site and create a notebook in the browser. Click Create > OneNote notebook, and give the notebook a name.

Create New Document

Take notes in the browser

OneNote Web App stores a digital notebook that you can add to by opening it in your browser and typing anywhere on the page. In addition to typing and formatting text, you can add pictures from your computer or from Microsoft’s online service. OneNote Web App saves your work automatically; there’s no Save command. If you change your mind about something press Ctrl+Z (Windows) or ⌘+Z (Mac) to undo.

Tabs along the left side of the screen represent pages, which are grouped into sections, to help you organize your thoughts.

Page tabs in OneNote Web App

Add new pages and sections by right-clicking a section tab.

Section tabs in OneNote Web App

If you try to type in the notebook and nothing happens, you’re probably in Reading view. Switch to Editing view: click Edit Notebook > Edit in OneNote Web App.

Edit Notebook in OneNote Web App

Share OneNote notes online

Because your notebook is online, you can share it by sending a link instead of an email attachment. By clicking the link, people can read your notes in their web browser.

Share command in OneNote Web App

Work together on a OneNote notebook

Working together in a notebook is a good way to brainstorm ideas or do research for a group project. OneNote Web App shows you updates as they happen, and you can see who did what on the page: Go to View > Show Authors (click it again to hide author names).

Show Authors command

OneNote keeps the notebook in sync with everyone, even if they’re using different devices. Your colleagues can be using OneNote Web App, OneNote 2010 or later, or OneNote Mobile on their phone or tablet.


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