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Canvas Tips and Tricks

Posted on Mar 2, 2015 by in Canvas, LMS, MyHCC |

Organize Your Course Content

  • Create a folder in Blackboard Content Collections or on your PC for each course.
  • In the course folder, create subfolders for each unit/module/etc. content (e.g. assignment files and instructions, images, videos, PowerPoints, etc.)

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Consider How Your Course Will Appear in Canvas

  • Canvas uses modules to organize content; the Canvas module is similar to, but different and not the same as, Blackboard folders. Think about how you will reorganize and/or present your content in the Canvas module(s).
  • Identify content/coursework that is unique to Blackboard such as NBC Learn, Blogs, Wikis, Journals, MashUps, etc. Contemplate how you can accomplish the same activities using Canvas tools or links to external resources.
  • Think about the structure of your Blackboard course. Compare to the Canvas structure. Look at the Canvas left navigation menu. Identify the similarities and differences. Brainstorm what changes need to be made to the course so that it will work within the Canvas environment.

Consider Flowcharting Your Canvas Course

Consider constructing a flowchart for your course(s) per the Canvas environment. Take this as an opportunity to

  • Prune and weed – remove/replace outdated content, resources, and links with updated content and materials.
  • Align assignments, assessments, and learning activities with module/unit learning objectives, course objectives, and course outcomes.
  • Enhance student engagement with interactive assignments and tools.
  • Include information about learner resources at HCC: student services, academic support centers, veteran’s affairs, disability services, libraries, HCC help and technical support.
  • Start building in Canvas.
  • Call on CITT if you have questions.

Review the "Instructional Planning, Learning Outcomes and Competencies module:" Online Self-Paced Module

Review CITT's Flowcharting document: Click here for the printable document.