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Mission and Goals

Our Mission

The Center for Innovative Teaching and Technology provides an environment that fosters the development and delivery of engaging, innovative instructional strategies and technologies promoting successful student learning opportunities.

Our Goals

Under the leadership of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, and co-managed by the Director of Faculty Development and the Director of Instructional Technology, the Center for Innovative Teaching and Technology is charged to support the institutional mission by performing the following functions:

  • Provide and coordinate instructional design services, in-service activities, and training opportunities for faculty to gain skills and knowledge in support of student success
  • Develop, research, and maintain instructional resources and best practices to be used across the wide array of college curricula
  • Encourage and support the integration of instructional technologies used in various delivery methods at the college
  • Evaluate and implement new and emerging instructional technologies for classroom and online instruction; including 21st Century Classroom initiatives
  • Support and coordinate activities related to distance learning and hybrid delivery methods
  • Provide web development and design services supporting the academic functions of the college
  • Maintain web-based instructional technology resources; learning management system, and other integrated applications