Hillsborough Community College defines Distance Learning as the implementation of classes in which more than 80% of the instruction occurs while students are not in the presence of an instructor regardless of the delivery method. This will be accomplished through tools such as the college's learning management system, or other mutually approved platforms. For Hybrid courses, 50-79% of the instruction is not in the presence of an instructor.

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This Development is for:

An existing HCC course being offered for the first time through distance learning.
A new course (recently approved by AAC) being developed for distance learning.
An existing distance learning course being redesigned.
A Template being developed primarily for use by Adjunct Faculty.

Will development assistance from CITT be required? Yes   No

Will this course use E-text or publisher website? Yes   No

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Previous online courses taught by this faculty either at HCC or other institutions.
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Support Needs

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Additional training through CITT beyond the LMS training.


Training available from other sources (such as publishers, professional organizations, other educational institutions, etc)


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The faculty member wishes to be compensated under which of the following formats?

FUSA guidelines (for full-time faculty only. instructor grants permission for its use by other faculty)
Contract with Academic Dean (attach contract for compensation)
No compensation requested

Course Development Plan

  1. Obtain approval from your Academic Dean (and possibly the Program Manager) that need exists.
  2. File Distance Learning/Hybrid course Development Plan with the Director of Instructional Technology.
  3. VP of Academic Affairs approves course development compensation, if requested.
  4. Research available resources (such as CITT Instructional Designer, HCC instructors, other institutions, publishers, professional conferences).
  5. When necessary adopt E-packs using the same procedures for textbook selection.
  6. Consult with CITT for technology support and compatibility requirements of E-Packs, E-Text, and Platforms.
  7. Choose platform for course delivery and consult with CITT regarding system requirements.
  8. Receive certification through CITT or designated Faculty Trainer as having demonstrated proficiency in course delivery platform and course software, if applicable.
  9. Develop course syllabus/schedule/assignments which address all course performance objectives and learning outcomes.
  10. Contact Academic Dean or Program Manager for class scheduling.

*Note: Any brand new HCC course must first be approved through the Cluster and Academic Affairs Committee new course proposal process.

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