Best Practice


Faculty Spotlight - Dr. Peter Germroth

Biology Department
Dale Mabry Campus

We are at a time where the so-called Web 2.0 tools allow us to do collaborative work with students without the necessity of being physically in one room. I like to use Wiki-sites: in environmental science we are compiling a web-resource that receives its input from the instructor and from the students. This can also be a great tool for faculty to work on projects together without having to meet.
Another of my favorite tools for collaboration is social bookmarking. I use Delicious and some of my science colleagues use it too and we can see each others favorite science bookmarks. You can watch a brief introduction into the concept at Anyway, you may want to consider YouTube videos to enhance your lectures. For example I use a colonoscopy video in A&P and several videos about waste treatment in Environmental science.

You may want to consider using (projecting) apps from an iPhone, iPod or iPad. There are plenty of good ones out there.

A simple procedure to explain a technical problem to students is to record what they need to do and let them view it at their leisure. I use jing - a free software. Once you are done with the screen recording it will save it to a server and provide you with a link you send your student.

Find my favorite links in Delicious (my username is drgermroth) and e-mail me if you want to join the APPs-Wiki we have established at HCC.

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