Academic Technology



In general, the volume control knob on the MLC 226 (or 104) is all that is needed to adjust the room volume, provided the switcher and the amplifier are preset.

If the DVD/VCR output is not loud enough, even though the MLC volume is at the red level, then the volume control on the switcher can be adjusted, followed by the volume control on the amplifier.

The computer also comes with two other volume controls. One is the speaker icon in the notification bar (bottom right). Double click on the icon, and make sure the volume is not muted and that the volume is appropriately adjusted. Another is the volume control that comes with any media player such as Windows Media, QuickTime, VLC, WinAmp, etc. Be sure the player's volume is not muted and appropriately adjusted.

If the above steps do not work, then the campus A/V Tech should be contacted.

It is recommended that instructors check volume settings before the start of class.

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